■ 1/8 ~ with snow crab ■ [Sun - Thursday only] 【Eating and drinking order Viking】 ● 2 hours 3000 yen

By using a coupon3000 yen

Well even rise in the adult number because it is precious to eat all you can drink.Also good to use as a place for meals with your family.Become satiety in drinking party at friends is also good.It is important to enjoy while drinking while eating.


About 20 kinds of Azitsu's dessert are all you can eat, so women, sweets very popular with men ♪

★ All-you-can-eat all over 80 different Grand Menus that change every month!

[One article]

Edamame / Okra Takabayashi / Daikon Chanja / Today's Carpaccio / Stir-fried Yuzu Salt of Hormone and Vegetables / Seasonal Fruits Canapée

Scallop butter soy sauce / iron plate potato salad / cracker water stink / cheese sauce of chicken ham / vegetable and beef tower hotpot


Caesar salad with raw ham and warm ball / Pig Shabu Toro Yuzu's Yuzu salad salad / choke salad / smoked salmon, avocado refreshing citrus salad

Spring roll of growing cheese / Avocado and Toro Yuba sashimi style / Beef Pastrami and cabbage carrot salad

【Fried food】

Nunchoko fried / cheese mochi fried / fried potato / Thai style shrimp fish / lotus root scissors fried / Sasami fry fried plum sauce / oysterfly

Camembert fried / fried isami of yam and crab cream croquette / pork yu Cigar / young chicken salt tempura / swine skewer cut / chicken moment marinade

Tempura of kiss / Mayo Takoyaki / Deep-fried corn

【Hot things】

Megochi's Aquapazza / Meat Miso Tomato Cheese Grilled Tortilla / Chocolate Banana Tortilla / Tsunamayo Corn Pizza

Bacon Cream Cheese Pizza / Mentaiko Toast / Sweet Potato Honey Honey Butter Sauce / Salt-grilled Jaga Butter / Rosemary Grilled Chicken

Assorted steel sheet sausage and potatoes / Braised beef and vegetable tomatoes / Salted pickled pork belly grill

[Rice, noodles]

Fukchine of Kama pot Mentaiko / Tomato sauce raw pasta of Parmesan cheese / Tomato cream of crab / Pasta / Confucius and Hiroshima's Pork baked rice

Squid Meita Sushi / Duck Smoked Sushi / Garlic Rice / Squid Inked Yakisoba / Ochazuke (Hiroshima Nana's Wasabi / Shaku / Shako) / Roast Beef Rice


Ice (vanilla / Matcha / Purple potato / Strawberry / Tea / Hojicha / Kiwi) / Sherbet (Cassis / Yuzu) / Mont Blanc / Roll cake / Souffle cheese cake

Tiramisu / Flamboa rare cheesecake / short cake / caramel cake / pearl white chocolate cake / pearl strawberry cake

Tea Chiffon Cake / Matcha Brownie / Double Berry Cake / Pistachio Cake / Fried Donut / Cream Brulee

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  • ■ 1/8 ~ with snow crab ■ [Sun - Thursday only] 【Eating and drinking order Viking】 ● 2 hours 3000 yen

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