Hot pot + steak + hall cake with 2 hours eating all you can drink ★ Sun - Thu 3200 yen

3200 yen


About 20 kinds of Azitsu's dessert are all you can eat, so women, sweets very popular with men ♪

★ All-you-can-eat menu with over 50 different Grand Menus that change every month!


Edamame / Okra Takabori / Daikon Chanja / Chooregi Salada

Caesar salad with raw ham and warm ball / smoked salmon and grapefruit salad

Pork shabu-shabu Toro Yuba's citron dressing salad / raw cheese sticky spring roll

Fresh fish carpaccio / seasonal fruit canapés

[One article]

Avocado and Toro Yuba no Sashimi style / Anchovy Cabbage / Mayo Takoyaki / Akuta Toast

Salt-grilled butter / sweet potato honey butter / chicken rosemary grilled

Minty cutlet Mille-feuille tailoring / Bacon cream cheese pizza

Marshmallow pizza / meat miso cheese tortilla / chocolate banana tortilla

Grilled scallops with butter sauce / croquette gratin / Hiroshima and Confucius Park

【Fried food】

Nunchoko fried / Addicted from grin / Thai style shrimp Mayo / Matcha salt of young chicken tempura

Sasami's fly leaf / crab cream croquette / fried potato / cheese mochi fried

Fried Lotus Root / White Crisp Crutch Skin / Camembert Cheese Fry

Yamo no Isobe fried / pork no yu Cigar / oysterfly


Pork and vegetable pig bone ginger pot

[Rice, noodles]

Jarako Ume Chazuke / Shabake Ochakake / Hiroshima Nana's Wasabi Ochazuke / Fugu Ochazuke

Garlic rice / oyster's risotto / Ike soda sushi / ginkgo smoked sushi

Sautéed soba / Tiger Ramen / Parmesan cheese tomato sauce raw pasta

Fukchine of Kama pot Mentaiko / Pasta of crayfish


Vanilla ice / green tea ice / strawberry ice / purple sweet ice

Pumpkin Ice / Italian Maron Ice / Cassis Sherbet / Flamboire Rare Cheese Cake

Tiramisu / Mont Blanc / Double Berry Cake / Matcha Brownie

Caramel Cake / Random Dessert / Cream Brulee