Weekday limited roast beef & 10 kinds of cheese platter with 2 h all-you-can-drink ★ Ina Nana! Sun - Thu 3500 yen

3500 yen

For a limited time ☆


About 20 kinds of Azitsu's dessert are all you can eat, so women, sweets very popular with men ♪

★ All-you-can-eat all over 80 different Grand Menus that change every month!

[One article]

Edamame / Okra Takabayashi / Daikon Chanja / Today's Carpaccio / Stir-fried Yuzu Salt of Hormone and Vegetables / Seasonal Fruits Canapée

Scallop butter soy sauce / iron plate potato salad / cracker water stink / cheese sauce of chicken ham / vegetable and beef tower hotpot


Caesar salad with raw ham and warm ball / Pig Shabu Toro Yuzu's Yuzu salad salad / choke salad / smoked salmon, avocado refreshing citrus salad

Spring roll of growing cheese / Avocado and Toro Yuba sashimi style / Beef Pastrami and cabbage carrot salad

【Fried food】

Nunchoko fried / cheese mochi fried / fried potato / Thai style shrimp fish / lotus root scissors fried / Sasami fry fried plum sauce / oysterfly

Camembert fried / fried isami of yam and crab cream croquette / pork yu Cigar / young chicken salt tempura / swine skewer cut / chicken moment marinade

Tempura of kiss / Mayo Takoyaki / Deep-fried corn

【Hot things】

Megochi's Aquapazza / Meat Miso Tomato Cheese Grilled Tortilla / Chocolate Banana Tortilla / Tsunamayo Corn Pizza

Bacon Cream Cheese Pizza / Mentaiko Toast / Sweet Potato Honey Honey Butter Sauce / Salt-grilled Jaga Butter / Rosemary Grilled Chicken

Assorted steel sheet sausage and potatoes / Braised beef and vegetable tomatoes / Salted pickled pork belly grill

[Rice, noodles]

Fukchine of Kama pot Mentaiko / Tomato sauce raw pasta of Parmesan cheese / Tomato cream of crab / Pasta / Confucius and Hiroshima's Pork baked rice

Squid Meita Sushi / Duck Smoked Sushi / Garlic Rice / Squid Inked Yakisoba / Ochazuke (Hiroshima Nana's Wasabi / Shaku / Shako) / Roast Beef Rice


Ice (vanilla / Matcha / Purple potato / Strawberry / Tea / Hojicha / Kiwi) / Sherbet (Cassis / Yuzu) / Mont Blanc / Roll cake / Souffle cheese cake

Tiramisu / Flamboa rare cheesecake / short cake / caramel cake / pearl white chocolate cake / pearl strawberry cake

Tea Chiffon Cake / Matcha Brownie / Double Berry Cake / Pistachio Cake / Fried Donut / Cream Brulee